Campus Planning Advisory Committee

Established in 2013, the Campus Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC) is a group of diverse professionals that provide guidance and support in shaping our campus.  The committees collective experience and knowledge ensure that UNL makes the best possible decisions to benefit the campus community.

The purpose of the CPAC is to implement the campus master plan and landscape master plan by guiding and coordinating external architectural, landscape and infrastructure projects on the campus. The CPC provides recommendations to the Chancellor so that external architectural, landscape and infrastructure projects contribute to and implement the vision of the master plan, landscape master plan and associated architectural and landscape design guidelines. The CPC’s role is to coordinate the overall external physical and landscape activities with the academic and auxiliary units.

Committee Members

  • Connor Griess, Director Campus Planning (Chair)
  • Eileen Bergt, Campus Landscape Architect
  • Jim Jackson, Associate Vice Chancellor, University Operations
  • Renee Batman, Assistant Vice Chancellor & Chief Administrative Officer
  • Dan Trotter, Facilities Director, IANR
  • Josh Davis, Associate to the Chancellor
  • Josh Overocker, Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
  • Becky Zavala, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Research & Economic Development
  • Michael Zeleny, Vice Chancellor, Business & Finance