Wayfinding and Signage

All University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) exterior and interior signage must comply with the UNL Wayfinding and Signage Standards Manual unless otherwise approved by UNL's Aesthetics Review Committee (ARC).  

How to request signage?

Signage Request Form

All requests for permanent exterior and interior signage must be submitted through the Campus Planning Office by completing a Signage Request Form.  Requests will be reviewed by the University's Campus Planner, Communications & Marketing department, and Landscape Architect, prior to submission to the ARC. 

UNL's ARC is responsible for approving, rejecting, or modifying such requests and communicating final decision(s) to the requestor.

For temporary outdoor signage or banners, please see UNL's Procedure for Temporary Outdoor Signs or Banners policy.

Who pays for signage?

The requesting college and/or department is responsible for all costs associated with the creation, installation, and removal of permanent exterior and interior signage. Cost estimates for permanent signage can be found in the UNL Wayfinding and Signage Standards Manual. UNL's Building Systems and Maintenance department will cover minor repair and maintenance of existing exterior signage.