Aesthetics Review Committee

The Aesthetics Review Committee (ARC) is responsible for ensuring that our campus’ appearance and design reflect our core values and vision. This committee reviews all enhancements and improvements, ensuring that they meet our aesthetic and design standards. Their feedback ensures that all improvements are in the best interest of our students and the community.

All UNL project proposals for items with an exterior aesthetic impact, including exterior signage; or exterior facing signage, or banners, must be submitted to ARC for review. Project proposals shall be submitted to the ARC Chair and it shall be their responsibility to refer to ARC those proposals that will have a significant impact on the exterior aesthetics of the UNL campuses.

For more information on the ARC procedures, please see the Aesthetics Review Committee policy

Committee Members

  • Connor Griess, Director Campus Planning (Chair)
  • Alan Wedige, University of Nebraska Campus Architect
  • Eileen Bergt, UNL Campus Landscape Architect
  • Jeff Day, Professor, College of Architecture
  • Bob Wilhelm, Vice Chancellor, Research and Economic Development, Academic Planning Committee member
  • Michael Zeleny, Vice Chancellor, Business & Finance